Nearly 50 Years Of Experience And Insight

One of the best things you can do for yourself during a criminal investigation is to understand your rights. At Reedy Law Office, we are former prosecutors and a former judge who know in detail how to keep you safe and how to give you the best possible chance for success.

How Our History Changes Your Future

A conviction changes your whole world. Not only will you face possible jail time if you are found guilty, you can also face serious financial ruin and a host of other complications in your social, personal and professional life. Right now, there is a lot to lose. But there is also reason to hope.

At Reedy Law Office, our attorneys have spent their entire careers in the legal profession across the Midwest and East South-Central regions of our country. After serving in as varied positions as a juvenile prosecutor, a Chief Assistant District Attorney General and as a judge, William and Amy Reedy know the criminal justice system inside and out. Their insight into every step and factor can put your case and future onto a better path.

Reedy Law Office Is Not Intimidated

Whatever your case may be, there is nothing too complicated or too serious for our team to manage. After years of protecting the accused from crimes like murder, assault, domestic violence and other crimes, we understand that the story you have to tell is important and that your case is not as one-sided as the prosecution would have you believe.

We are also firm believers that second chances matter. We help the vulnerable and younger members of our community find solutions that put their lives back on track, including exploring alternative options like rehabilitation and other services.

Strong Advocacy. Fearless Defense.

Our firm is committed to your rights. We do not back down or roll over. Our firm is prepared to take on your case and to stand by you throughout the duration of your case. Begin protecting your rights and future today. Email us or reach out by phone at 423-716-6442.