You Need A Strong Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence accusations are serious. The court of public opinion tends to presume guilt. When it comes to your reputation, the stakes are far too high to resolve legal matters without an attorney. At Reedy Law Office, our attorneys will fight to protect your innocence and your reputation. In addition to our criminal defense services, we defend clients at civil restraining order hearings.

Getting To The Facts, Protecting Your Innocence

Domestic violence laws and restraining orders were developed to protect individuals against harm. Unfortunately, domestic violence allegations are often made to gain an advantage in divorce proceedings — specifically child custody disputes — and the law does little to protect those who have been falsely accused.

At Reedy Law Office, we investigate all of the circumstances surrounding alleged domestic violence. If your accuser has a motive for falsely accusing you, if family law proceedings are ongoing, if the accuser has a history of making false statements, we will find out and use it to protect you.

Matters involving domestic violence combine legal complexities and emotionally charged issues. Many times, we identify that drug and alcohol abuse played a role in verbal threats or physical violence. In those cases, we explore rehabilitation as an option to address the root of the problems.

Protect Your Rights And Well-Being With One Phone Call To Our Law Firm

If you are fighting accusations of abuse, take action. Contact Reedy Law Office by filling out our online intake form or call one of our lawyers at 423-716-6442 to schedule an initial consultation. Our downtown Cleveland office is conveniently located one block away from the courthouse. We defend individuals in southeast Tennessee, including Cleveland, Chattanooga and Athens, against domestic abuse allegations in criminal and civil court.