At Your Side When You Are Facing Life-Changing Drug Charges

If you are facing drug charges, you need lawyers who will fight for you. At Reedy Law Office, that is what we do.

Over the course of our attorneys' careers, they have developed a reputation for being skilled litigators and fierce advocates. They aren't afraid to bring a case to trial and have done so hundreds of times. They also have experience working as prosecutors and as a criminal court judge. Because they know the evidence the prosecution will use and arguments it will make, they are able to build defenses that strategically undercut the government's case.

Defense Against Possession And Distribution Charges

Over the years, we have represented people who have been charged with felony-level drug crimes involving methamphetamine (meth) and heroin as well as OxyContin and other forms of prescription medication. Our approach is to first conduct a thorough investigation and then build a strong defense.

When examining your case, we will look at the entire picture. Were the stop and search by police officers constitutional? Are there any doubts as to ownership or possession of the drugs? Were your civil rights violated during the arrest and interrogation? We will use this information when building your defense.

Representing Good People Facing Serious Drug Charges

Good people can find themselves in serious legal trouble. At the root of many drug crimes is addiction, something that jail time, fines and probation simply do not address. Many in the criminal justice system suffer from serious dependency issues. Not addressing longstanding problems by providing rehabilitation as an option can result in repeat criminal offenses.

Facing Drug Charges? Contact Our Law Firm.

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