Murder, Probation Violations and No Bond Clients

Prosecutors who become criminal defense attorneys can provide proactive, powerful representation for those accused of serious offenses like murder, a drug crime or a probation violation that could send you back to jail.

In Southeast Tennessee, the skilled defense lawyers who aggressively safeguard client interests are former Assistant District Attorney General and former Criminal Court judge Amy Reedy, and former prosecutor William Reedy of the Reedy Law Office in Cleveland.

For clients facing potentially life-changing murder charges or seeking "no bond" status in order to be out of jail before trial, our law firm not only investigates the circumstances of your arrest — we learn everything about you, including your background, family dynamics and factors in your life that put you where you are now.

And what will you learn about us? That we treat you as a human being, not just a customer. Many criminal defense law offices are too eager to plead out cases. We fight for your rights, working hard in the trenches where cases are won and lost, preparing, investigating, negotiating when appropriate and arguing passionately for you in court when necessary.

At The Reedy Law Office, Our Experience Is Your Advantage

A first-degree murder conviction can put you behind bars for years or a lifetime. Our track record of positive trial results — reductions and dismissals of charges, lesser sentences and outright acquittals, just to name a few — gives credibility to your side of the story.

A probation violation for failing a drug test or failing to meet regularly with a probation officer can put you right back where you came from. We explore every avenue to help you avoid that bleak outcome, and strive to find the help you need if you're dealing with a dangerous addiction.

If you are about to stand trial, your bond must be fair — or no bond at all. We can file a variety of motions that increase your chances of gaining your freedom, at least temporarily, if you are unable to afford a high bond or a defense attorney.

Act Now To Protect Your Rights — Contact Us

Don't delay in reaching out to the Reedy Law Office if you have been arrested. The longer you try to go it alone, without the support of our aggressive advocacy, the worse your situation will get. Call us today at 423-716-6442 to arrange and initial consultation or stay online to send an email message.