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What is considered domestic violence?

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Domestic violence charges are significant accusations and charges that can make it so the accused individual cannot return to their home or be around their family members. Because of the significant impact domestic violence accusations, allegations and charges can have on accused individuals, it is helpful for them to be familiar with what is considered domestic violence under the law.

The different types of domestic violence

Physical violence is the most commonly understood type of domestic violence, however, there are several different types of abusive behaviors that are considered domestic violence. The different types of domestic violence include:

  • Physical abuse – physical abuse can include hitting, kicking, punching, pushing, pinching, choking or other physically violent behaviors that cause physical harm. Behaviors including stabbing and shooting can also be forms of domestic violence.
  • Sexual abuse – sexual abuse can include coerced sexual contact, sexual assault and rape.
  • Psychological abuse – psychological abuse can include threats, intimidation and behaviors that cause fear.
  • Emotional abuse – emotional abuse can include behaviors aimed and de-valuing self- worth, self-esteem and may include humiliation.
  • Financial abuse – financial abuse can include behaviors that create financial reliance and limit financial independence.
  • Stalking and cyberstalking – stalking and cyberstalking behaviors can also be considered a form of sexual abuse.

Be familiar with defense options

Individuals accused of domestic violence should be familiar with their domestic violence defense options. Anyone charged with a crime has important criminal defense rights and options they should be aware of that can help them through the uncertainty of facing domestic violence or other criminal charges.