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You Need A Strong Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

An accusation of domestic violence demands experienced legal representation. With your freedom and your rights at risk, the stakes are far too high to assume everything will work out. At Reedy Law Office, our attorneys will fight to protect you from the harshest consequences.

Why Domestic Violence Charges Are So Serious

When someone reports a domestic incident, the police and the courts err on the side of protecting victims. To de-escalate the situation, the accused is removed from the home and subjected to a temporary protective order.

This puts you on the defensive. Your life is turned upside based on one side of the story. You are prevented from contacting your spouse or partner, and you are cut off from contact with your children. Criminal charges of domestic assault and battery could trigger jail time, anger management classes and other penalties. The criminal conviction could affect employment and take away your gun rights and voting rights. Violating a protection order could lead to additional punishment. Domestic violence allegations also have implications for divorce and custody proceedings.

Protecting Your Rights And Limiting The Impact

With experience as former prosecutors and former judges, our attorneys know how to respond to domestic violence charges. We will investigate the circumstances surrounding the allegations to prepare a strong defense. Does the accuser have a motivation to lie or exaggerate? We also explore possible plea deals to avoid a domestic violence conviction, and alternatives to prosecution such as drug or alcohol rehab programs.

Parallel to the criminal proceedings is a civil court hearing on continuing the temporary protective order. Our lawyers will advise you on steps you can take to show the court you are not a threat. We will vigorously challenge a permanent order of protection, or argue for lesser restrictions such as allowances to see your children.

In addition to our criminal defense services, we defend clients at civil restraining order hearings.

Protect Your Rights With One Phone Call

If you are facing accusations of domestic abuse or making threats, take action. Call Reedy Law Office at 423-716-6442 to schedule an initial consultation or fill out our online intake form. Our downtown Cleveland office is conveniently located one block away from the courthouse. We defend individuals in southeast Tennessee, including Cleveland, Chattanooga and Athens, against domestic abuse allegations in criminal and civil court.