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You Can Fight A Drunk Driving Charge

From first-time drunk driving offenses to felony vehicular homicide charges, the attorneys at Reedy Law Office have handled all types of DUI/DWI cases for clients from all walks of life. We understand the stakes involved in drunk driving convictions, both criminal and noncriminal. We will do everything possible to help you avoid or minimize the impact of a drunk driving charge.

If you have been charged with drunk driving, you must act quickly. Prosecutors and police are already working on their case against you. You need to even the playing field. Call Reedy Law Office for immediate legal representation: 423-716-6442.

The Need For Aggressive Defense When The Stakes Are High

At Reedy Law Office, we fiercely protect the rights of our clients. Our attorneys are not quick to plea bargain. We litigate drunk driving charges, and we have had great success over the years. Our defense strategy begins with a thorough investigation into every detail of the case, including the validity of the initial traffic stop and whether field sobriety, Breathalyzer and blood tests were administered accurately and with probable cause.

Alcohol addiction plays a role in many cases. If not addressed, our clients run the risk of repeat offenses. We communicate this information to the court and negotiate rehabilitation when applicable to get to the root cause of the criminal problems.

A drunk driving conviction has adverse consequences for anyone. This is especially true for college students and young adults who have their whole life ahead of them. We have helped students avoid the devastating impact on their financial aid eligibility and future career paths.

We Know How The Prosecution And The Court Are Evaluating Your Case

Our lawyers know the criminal justice system inside and out. William Reedy was a prosecutor for over 20 years, and Amy Reedy was an assistant district attorney general and served as a criminal court judge for over eight years. This experience sitting on both sides of the courtroom means three things: First, we know what the prosecution has to prove. Second, we know how the judge will evaluate your case. Third, we know what it takes to get your charges dismissed, secure a not guilty verdict or negotiate the best result possible.

Contact Us Immediately After A DWI Charge

Time is of the essence. Secure the legal counsel you need following a drunk driving arrest in Chattanooga or Athens or anywhere in southeast Tennessee. Contact us via our online intake form or call 423-716-6442 to schedule an initial consultation in our downtown Cleveland office, one block from the courthouse.