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Seeking Treatment, Not Punishment

Addiction is a huge problem in Tennessee and in the U.S. as a whole. When being controlled by drugs or alcohol, many people find themselves desperate to support their addiction. This often leads to criminal activity, which in turn leads to criminal charges.

Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is focused on punishment, not rehabilitation. If convicted of a crime, you or a loved one will have to pay fines and may be sent to prison or be required to complete probation. But little help will be given to solve the underlying addiction issues. The result? A cycle of addiction and criminal charges.

At Reedy Law Office, we think there is a better way. When defending our clients against criminal charges, we always advocate for alternative sentences. Our attorneys are known throughout the region for their ability to persuade the court that rehabilitation is the answer. They then help connect individuals with appropriate rehabilitation centers.

Resolving Today’s Criminal Charge Is Only Half The Battle

We use rehabilitation as a defense strategy, but we also believe in the benefit it provides to our clients. We want our clients to regain control of their lives, prevent future legal issues from arising, and live happier and healthier. We have had good results in getting clients into alcohol or drug rehab in conjunction with arrests for drunk driving or drug possession. Substance abuse is often a factor in domestic abuse cases, in which case a rehabilitation program may help break the cycle of violence.

An Alternative To Prison

There are no first-time offender programs or programs for repeat offenders in Tennessee. Instead, your future – whether you go to prison – depends entirely on your defense. Many lawyers do not realize that entering a rehabilitation center or agreeing to outpatient addiction counseling is a viable alternative sentence. The same is true for individuals who have violated the terms of their probation.

When prison or jail is a possibility, we always argue for rehabilitation instead. If the court agrees, your charge may be dismissed or your conviction overturned after you successfully complete the program.

Entering rehab or beginning other addiction counseling can also serve as a pretrial defense strategy. When prosecutors, the judge and the jury see that you are taking proactive steps to change your life, they are often more lenient. We have advocated for rehabilitation on behalf of college students facing criminal charges, so that they get help before they ruin the future.

Contact Our Office For Help

At Reedy Law Office, we have long-standing relationships with many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers – including faith-based centers – throughout the state. We will sit down with you, discuss your goals, your needs and your beliefs, and then help pair you with the program that is right for you.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime and is suffering from drug or alcohol dependency, contact our firm. We serve clients in Cleveland, Chattanooga and Athens and throughout southeast Tennessee. Call 423-716-6442 or contact us online.